Section ECPG 2021 – postponed to 2022. Our proposals:

Grupo de trabajo: “¿Cuestión de niveles o tipos? La brecha de género en actitudes y participación política” AECPA.

ECPG 2019 Amsterdam, large presence of the team:

Panel ECPG: “Not Disadvantaged but Different: The Gender Gap in Public Opinion and Political Participation” en ECPG

Papers presented: 

The gender gap in internal political efficacy in Europe: An exploration of the gender psyche, by Marta Fraile and Carolina Gueer de Miguel.

What does the time use answering survey questions tells us about women and men’s knowledge? by Mónica Ferrín and Gema García-Albacete.

When the news report women: Media and gender gap in political interest, by Irene Sánchez Vítores.

Why do women use less the left-right ideology? A contextual approach by Irene Sánchez Vítores y Javier Lorente.

On June 28 2019 Irene Sánchez- Vítores sucesfully presented her PhD dissertation entitled “Disinterested or discouraged? The gender gap in political interest. 

Our IP chaired a panel session at the International ESS Conference in Mannheim in 2019 with the title “Unequal political participation in Europe”

ESS Conference in Spain, Irene Sánchez-Vítores presented  the paper “Gender in the news: more pebbles in women’s political interest.

[To be completed]